About Us

About Us

DPC Lebanon sarl started in 1980 as RIA reference lab. Later on, it evolved into Diagnostic Products Corporation Lebanon sarl.

When DPC in Los Angeles was acquired by Siemens Healthcare Solutions, we kept the name of DPC/Lebanon, and focused on molecular diagnostics and life sciences.

Mission statement:

Our mission is to support Arab Scientific Research

We cover the following territory: Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, KSA, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Yemen...

We provide to scientists, PhD, students, the necessary tools (reagents, instruments) to do their research. We keep a narrow range of profit in order to help the Arab Scientific community.

We represent many suppliers to be able to provide almost all the reagents and instruments needed for research.

You can count on DPC/LEBANON !!

We strive for excellence through the adoption of the following guidelines:

1. Customer Satisfaction
2. Value for Shareholder
3. Respect for Employees
4. Continual improvement
5. Improve Healthcare

We also have a division interested in generating and operating alternative energy solutions in Lebanon " AL-TAKA-AL BADILA" from about 6 years.
We sell and install solar energy, wind energy, solar-wind hybrid energy and more....
For more information,visit our website:  www.altaka-albadila.com

Commercial registration number: 69352 Baabda
V.A.T. registration number: 234620-601